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"A great service to monitor your family's web activity. Just install on your PC and privately monitor from anywhere."

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McGruff the Crime Dog - "Take a Bite out of Crime" - has been protecting families in your neighborhood for over 30 years, and today McGruff SafeGuard is protecting your children as they go online. Used by tens of thousands of parents, McGruff SafeGuard is the easiest to use and the most comprehensive parental control solution.

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Remotely Monitor  Your Child's Computer Activity

Records All Computer Internet Activity:
Usernames & Passwords, Facebook (and dozens of other Social Networks), Chat/IM, Message / Comments / Photos Posts, Email Sent & Received, Websites Visited, Searching & Googling, Keystrokes Typed, Programs Used

Hidden & Remote Monitoring
View activity from your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safarai, etc.).  Can operate in stealth surveillance mode.*

Easy To Use & Inexpensive
Notifies you via email or text message when your child's online behavior is worrisome.  View activity from Work or Home. Works with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP PC.  After your 30-day free trial is over, you can continue monitoring a single PC for about $7/month or all the PCs in your home for about $11/month.

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Automatically Controls
PC Use & Time Limits, Blocks Porn & Other Inappropriate Websites

* Is McGruff SafeGuard computer spyware software? That's up to you. We recommend that you talk with your child about online safety and tell them you will be monitoring and controlling their Internet activity in order to help keep them safe. However, we understand in some cases you need McGruff SafeGuard to be inconspicuous. You can set McGruff SafeGuard so that it does not appear on your child's PC in the Windows System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs Menu. When you do this, McGruff SafeGuard operates as computer spyware software.