GoMcGruff offers McGruff Safeguard parental control software to help provide internet safety for your kids. It offers computer monitoring & web tracking, a website blocker, web filters, a chat monitor and you can block porn with the porn blocker. Add extreme ease of use and it is clearly the best choice for parents to keep children safe online.

“McGruff SafeGuard is the most important thing a parent should have if they allow their child freedom on the computer-internet.”

P. Horfelt
Starkville, MI

Monitoring and control software you can trust
McGruff the Crime Dog - "Take a Bite out of Crime" - has been protecting families in your neighborhood for over 30 years, and today McGruff SafeGuard is protecting your children as they go online. Used by tens of thousands of parents, McGruff SafeGuard is the easiest to use and the most comprehensive parental control solution.

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Complete Parental Control for Your Child's Computer

See Everything They Do Online
Facebook (and dozens of other Social Networks), Chat/IM, Usernames & Passwords, Message / Comments / Photos Posts, Email Sent & Received, Websites Visited, Searching & Googling, Keystrokes Typed, Programs Used

Parental Control Of What They Do
Full Parental Control of Internet & Computer: PC Use & Time Limits, Blocks Porn & Other Inappropriate Websites

Easy To Use and Inexpensive
Notifies you via email or text message when your child's online behavior is worrisome.  View your child's activity from Work or Home. Works with Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP PC.  After your 30-day free trial is over, you can continue monitoring a single PC for about $7/month or all the PCs in your home for about $11/month.

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Complete Parental Control

 McGruff SafeGuard is a parental control program that enables parents to have internet parental control for children, teens and kids.  It is one of the best parental tools for controlling PC, Windows and online activity, and for setting parental restrictions.  McGruff provides parent controls on a computer and is one of the best parental control software as is used as internet control via software.

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GoMcGruff offers McGruff Safeguard parental control software to help provide internet safety for your kids. It offers computer monitoring & web tracking, a website blocker, web filters, a chat monitor and you can block porn with the porn blocker. Add extreme ease of use and it is clearly the best choice for parents to keep children safe online. Monitoring and control software you can trust.  McGruff SafeGuard differs from other products that show only websites your child visited, or only what they type. McGruff SafeGuard intelligently analyzes your child's activity and warns you when there's potential danger - be it cyberbullying, drug activity, internet predators or any other dangers that face your child online. Parental Control Software - McGruff SafeGuard is considered one of the best parental control software systems for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. It records records Facebook activity, monitors chat and chatting, records passwords, monitors email , records websites visited , searches and googling , keystroke logging, schedules PC usage and sets time Limits. McGruff SafeGuard records and monitors all of your child's instant messaging and chat conversations. Supports Dozens of Chat and Instant Messaging Services. Email Capture Features Records all popular web-based email systems such as  Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Google (Gmail), Hotmail, Microsoft Live,  Facebook, MySpace and many others. Records date, time, subject and body. Websites Visits Monitoring Features: View Overall Usage Records Website (URL), Date/Time Block specific websites by name. Records Number of Visits to each Website. Works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, AOL and others. Receive notification when child visits certain websites. Tracks Internet Explorer 'In-Private' and Firefox 'Private' browsing.  Social Networking Capture Features: View MySpace, Facebook and dozens of other Social Networks Activity.  Capture Messages & Email. View Account Profiles. Capture Chat Messages. View Blog, Comments, etc. Searching & Googling: Records Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, AOL, Facebook and many others.  View websites that resulted from the search Be alerted for dangerous behaviors. Blocks websites with in Keystrokes Typed: McGruff SafeGuard has an intelligent keysrtoke capture that is unsurpassed by any keystroke recorder. Keystrokes Typed Recording features Behaviors Monitored,  Keywords detected & Advanced Linguistic Analysis. Monitors behaviors not just parent-provided works Add your own words or phrases. Add your own personal information. Works with all monitoring including keystroke recording, chat, email, social network, etc. Receive notification via email & mobile phone. Secure, Easy-to-use Website.  PC Use & Time Limits: McGruff SafeGuard solves the battle over excessive PC usage. Hidden if you need it.   Is McGruff SafeGuard considered remote spy software or computer spyware software or software that acts like a spy computer or internet spy software? That's up to you. We recommend that you talk with your child about online safety and tell them you will be monitoring and controlling their Internet activity in order to help keep them safe. However, we understand in some cases you need McGruff SafeGuard to be inconspicuous. You can set McGruff SafeGuard so that it does not appear on your child's PC in the Windows System Tray, Desktop, Task Manager or Add/Remove Programs Menu. McGruff SafeGuard Child-Safe Safari-like Browser Internet Filter now available for the iPhone and iPad and iPod/Touch When looking for child online safety tools, or stopping child pornography and maintaining child protection, it's important to fnid computer monitoring software and cyberbullying monitoring software. Monitoring facebook, and preventing sexual predators from grooming children, looking for the types of sites that Internet predators would hang out on, is important to keep internet safety a #1 priority. McGruff SafeGuard is known as a key logger or keylogger or key logging software, and will record everything to keep your child safe. Some parental control products help prevent sexting. Should you use a parental control product to spy on your spouse or wife or husband instead of spying on your child or son or daughter or teen or tween? All good parental control software products are well hidden, invisible, and hard to detect. How you use it is up to you. But monitoring computer activity, monitoring internet activity, monitoring PC activity are all part of a comprehensive parental control program. Talking to your children is a key element. But any good monitoring software must monitor online activity and monitor PC activity. They help stop bullying, and online predators and pedophiles.